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Talent is the capital, talent is the most valuable asset, three workers door to all people interested in the automobile business open.
The company's employment criteria are: with the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement.
The company's competitive mechanism is: capable, the levels were so, under commonplace.
Companies do everything we can do: people apply it, bit fit its people.
The company not only through treatment to people, companies are more willing to through the cause of keeping sentiments.
We adhere to Germany for the first concept of employment, every three workers must understand and comply with the basic professional standards;
We need to have high culture and good business qualities, three workers in the same boat with the hard work of the outstanding character of talent;
We adhere to the principle of fair and healthy competition to provide excellent jobs for every talent development platform; We offer a competitive salary and benefits for each employee, and improve opportunities for personal development and training, so that in challenging work environment continue to progress, to achieve the greatest value!