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Tire industry access conditions are expected in August released

Commissioned by the Ministry of Industry , China Rubber Industry Association ( hereinafter referred to as the Rubber Association ) July 4 organized a study " tire industry access" formulation . Rubber Association will be the end of July to " access" to report to the Ministry of Industry . Ministry plans in August formally introduced " access conditions ."
" Access conditions" will add to the green tires, specific standards of product quality , increase tire production enterprise specific requirements of energy and resource consumption. " Access" also raised tire companies must perform the "three guarantees " policy, as well as the recall of defective products and other content. In addition , compliance will also have tire enterprises to establish star management, enterprise product quality credit rating and received star proportional .
The " access" Reach will integrate with the EU regulations and U.S. standards. Tentatively agreed access conditions from the content point of view, there is no " three guarantees" tires will gradually be out of the market .
According to the survey Zhuo record information shows that 100% of private car owners said they would not consider the use of retreaded tires , the grounds are mostly too dangerous , and the truck driver and the driver said that as long as it works to ensure the safety , the price is right it will consider . Domestic tire retreading market confusion , some of the unlicensed small workshops, small businesses will simply tire repair subsidies together, and has not been tested on a large number of qualified into the market . Not only will a small workshop producing cheap tires, some large companies also cater to the market , the production part is not "three" qualified bargains . For consumer safety , it does not have the "three guarantees" qualified tire is called "killer tire " and can not meet safety standards. However, these cheap tires also support employment , if required local governments to ban , there will be a lot of resistance. As new capacity is to restrict , or let the tires do not meet the conditions for compulsory delisting , whether to rise to the policy level to perform , or to see the final baked standards.
It is reported that the Ministry will meet the "access conditions" announcement enterprise management . Into the notice of tire companies , will be able to enjoy the national policy and bank support , in order to achieve the elimination of backward production capacity, curb overcapacity and lack of changes in market regulation purposes .